Today’s lighter, quicker and more
flexible prepaid loyalty platforms.

SayGo for Businesses & Consumers

SayGo is the marketing link between businesses and their customer base,
and the technology link between networks of fellow businesses.

SayGo for Real Estate Owners & Occupiers

Tech-enabled and community driven, SayGo’s platform will transform the occupier
experience, and differentiate your asset from the competition.

About us

SayGo is a software technology company that develops prepaid loyalty platforms. At its core, our software operates as a powerful marketing tool for businesses, attracting customers to merchants by offering convenient transactions combined with loyalty incentives. By rewarding customers with fast and easy access to networks of merchants, they benefit. By providing merchants with secure, comprehensive solutions and data-gathering packages, they benefit.

SayGo is the marketing link between businesses and their customer base, and the technology link between networks of fellow businesses.

Our software is tailored to fit each stage of customers lifecycle. SayGo’s user-friendly platform and purchasing networks help acquire customers, while our bonus system helps retain them. On the merchant end, our software integrates seamlessly with existing POS systems, allowing businesses to start profiting almost instantly from a wider, growing network facilitated by SayGo’s platform.

Here’s one way SayGo can work for you... the possibilities are endless.

Products & Services

SayGo is at the cutting edge of today’s lighter, quicker and more flexible software solutions. Entrepreneurs demand an easy-to-use toolbox that gives them an ongoing dialogue with their clients. That’s exactly what we provide, with promotional toolkits tailored to each business model.

SayGo provides real-time marketing programs, brand positioning, performance metrics, incentives and interactive solutions. We specialize in building customer/merchant relationships through:

Interactive Loyalty

Employee Programs Student Programs White Label (Closed-Loop) Solutions

Cashless Loyalty

Cashless Transactions to POS. Online (Web-Based) Transacting

Marketing Loyalty

Arm your team with the marketing data and insights they need to make informed decisions

Mobile Loyalty

Real Time customer loyalty Synced with your POS and customers. Offer prepaid rewards and recognize your clients, all with SayGo’s white label APP.


Improve performance across your Merchant sites, apps, and offline marketing. SayGo’s analytics solutions can help you turn customer insights into action for your business.

Rewarding Merchants and Customers

Once you have begun rewarding with SayGo at your store, there are even more ways to attract new customers and reward loyal shoppers.

Merchant Management

SayGo helps you track growth, build lasting customer relationships, and accept prepaid payments with ease - all on one dynamic system designed for businesses just like yours.

SayGo Vending

SayGo is constantly looking at improvements and trends in the industry to create solutions and become a leader in vending technology.

A connected experience for real estate occupiers

With a growing coalition of local partners and the right blend of technology, we provide, real-estate owners and/or operators with opportunities for onsite and offsite monetization, while delivering the occupier and amenity-rich experience that is community driven and tech enabled.

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5500 Boul. des Rossignols
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H7L 5W6